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Jo is a Brooklyn-based, trans-masc actor, whose 10+ years of acting experience includes study at Shakespeare & Company (Lenox, MA), the Accademia dell'Arte (Arezzo, Italy), Circle in the Square Theater School, and Muhlenberg College, where he received his BA in Theater. Jo is also a trained fencer and stage combatant, and enjoys singing blues and rock music. He co-starred in the season 5 premiere of New Amsterdam, has starred in short films, including The Identity Pas De Deux (2019), and has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Wellfleet Harbors Actors Theater.


Having spent much of his youth on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Jo is avid about hiking, biking, and camping. They are a fervid crafter, and enjoys everything from woodworking to crochet to chainmailing. He's a proud cat and plant dad, and can be found in local parks foraging for moss to use in his terrariums.

Jo causing a ruckus on the season 5 premiere of New Amsterdam!

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