This October, I'm excited to put on my space suit to play Baya in a staged reading of Edward Einhorn's Alma Baya at Playhouse on Park in West Hartford.

"Alma and Baya are living on a hostile planet, in a living pod designed for two. A stranger from a destroyed pod, much like theirs, arrives and seeks refuge. Baya lets her in, but Alma is convinced that there are not enough resources for three, and that at least one of them will die. Slowly, they unpack the mystery of who the stranger is, at the same time as they unpack the history of how they got there."


In August, the Permafrost Theater Collective took our show Are You Alice to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! That month in Scotland was one of the most magical of my theatrical experiences thus far - a transcendent mix of theater, history, and nature - and I hope to return in the near future!